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Who are we?


I currently practice as a Nurse Practitioner. And for those of you new to the Nurse Practitioner scene, I have a master’s degree in nursing and I practice autonomously with quite a large scope—I can diagnose, prescribe medications, order and interpret labs and diagnostic tests, and refer to other specialists as needed without any physician supervision. Prior to my NP practice, I worked for 10 years as an emergency room nurse. Outside of work, I am a mom and the wife of a really great guy living with PTSD. As someone who holds her cards close to her chest, I promised myself that I would be open and completely honest in this podcast.


I have been a Correctional Officer for 6 years, and prior to this I did a year with Manitoba Community Corrections in the Female offender and gang units. I have a Masters degree in Justice studies, and have designed, executed, written, and published a research study on Correctional Officer mental health and resources in BC. At the beginning of my career in law enforcement where I watched my friends and co-workers’ mental health deteriorate over the years - some showed minor changes in their personalities and habits, while others declined so severely so quickly that it forever changed their lives. My family has had a front row seat to the effects of working in law enforcement for myself as well, and has witnessed the changes in my personality and habits over the years. I am excited to go on this journey of mental health and discovery with all of you!

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