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Interview with Blaine Phibbs & The Case of Ashley Smith: Part 1

Join us as we take you through the winding case into the Death of Ashley Smith, and the Correctional Officers who were charged in connection with her death in this four part series. In part 1, we set the stage for you, and provide an overview of Ashley's time inside correctional facilities, her death, the charges, court, and finally the coroners inquest. All information in this episode was found via online sources that are publicly available unless explicitly stated otherwise. While we strive to provide only accurate and truthful information - the twists, turns, and breadth of this case means we cannot say with 100% certainty that all the information in the episode is accurate. Read all 104 jury recommendations here:



Music by AleXZavesa from PixaBay - “My Lonely Journey” Artwork by Emily Bromley (Owner of Wishbone Dog Co.)

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