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Remembering the victims of the 2020 Nova Scotia Attacks

A tribute to the 22 [23] victims of the 2020 Nova Scotia Attacks.

Tom Bagley

A navy vet and retired firefighter. Survived by his wife, Patsy. He is remembered as a social butterfly who loved to be around people

Kristen Beaton and her unborn child (The unofficial 23rd victim)

A continuing care assistant. She is loved and remembered by her husband and their son.

Jamie and Greg Blair

A couple who celebrated all things precious in their lives. Fondly remembered by their two sons.

Peter and Joy Bond

The Bonds lived in Portapique, Nova Scotia

Corrie Ellison

Remembered as a kind, thoughtful friend who went out of his way to help others.

Gina Goulet

A denturist for 27 years. She loved music and dancing, and her children. She was a two-time cancer survivor.

Lillian Campbell Hyslop

An avid volunteer and walker in Wentworth, Nova Scotia. Survived by her husband.

Dawn Madsen and Frank Gulenchyn

Madsen and Gulenchyn retired to Portapique, N.S. in 2019. Madsen worked at the Hillsdale Terraces long-term care home for more than two decades.

Lisa McCully

McCully was a teacher at Debert Elementary School. She is dearly missed by her two young children. She was a selfless and passionate leader who cared deeply for others.

Sean McLeod and Alanna Jenkins

McLeod and Jenkins were both employees with Corrections Canada. They are remembered as warm, caring people.

Heather O'Brien

Heather is remembered by her six children, two stepchildren and 12 grandchildren. She worked for the Victorian Order of Nurses for nearly 17 years.

Jolene Oliver, Aaron Tuck & daughter Emily Tuck

Jolene, Tuck and their daughter, Emily, are described as a family that always stuck together. Emily (17) played the violin. The family moved to Portapique, N.S., two years ago to be closer to family.

Elizabeth Joanne Thomas and John Zahl

Elizabeth and John moved to Portapique, N.S., in 2017 to retire. The couple were married for nearly 35 years. They are missed by their six children.

Joey Webber

Joey is survived by his three children. He had a passion for stock-car racing and worked in forestry.

Const. Heidi Stevenson

Stevenson was a 23-year veteran of the RCMP. She is survived by her husband and two children, Connor and Ava. Heidi was killed when responding to the initial firearms call, is remembered as a hero that gave her life to save many that day. She worked with and was a friend to Joe Taplin, episode 007's guest speaker. She is remembered dearly by all her co-workers, friends, and all of her first responder family.

(Photo from CBC)

(Photo from SaltWire)

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