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Canadian Mental Health Resources

January 31, 2022

Links and numbers to crisis lines, help-lines and other Canadian mental health resources.

The Current State of Mental Health and Existing Resources for Correctional Officers in British Columbia

August, 2021

Beckah's research study on Correctional Officer mental health and resources.

If you would like a FREE copy (cause hey, who doesn't like free?) email and ask Beckah for a copy, she will gladly send you one! 

The Mental Health Continuum

January 31, 2022

The mental health continuum is a great tool to recognize deteriorating mental health in yourself or others, and helps show you some first steps to proper intervention.

The working mind first responders

January 31, 2022

The Working Mind First Responders (TWMFR), formerly known as Road to Mental Readiness, is an education-based program designed to address and promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in a first-responder setting. This training program is aimed to: 

  • Improve short-term performance and long-term mental health outcomes

  • Reduce barriers to care and encourage early access to care

  • Provide the tools and resources required to manage and support employees who may be experiencing a mental illness

  • Assist supervisors in maintaining their own mental health as well as promoting positive mental health in their employees

(Mental health commission of Canada, 2021)

Virtual Counselling

February 28, 2022

Find virtual counselling anywhere in Canada. Click the link below to book an appointment or get more information. 

(We are not affiliated with BetterHelp, and have received no monetization for posting this)

Wounded Warriors Canada

April 11, 2022

A mental health service provider that provides a range of clinical programs specifically developed to support the needs of first responders and their families. 

Programs are for first responders, couples, spouses, surviving spouses and the children of those who have served. 

Their mission is to "Shed light for those suffering in darkness; countering the sense of hopelessness but providing education and awareness that help is available and they are not alone in their fight"

Boots On the Ground

April 11, 2022

An anonymous peer-to-peer call line for first responders, by first responders.

Call 24/7

Ontario based


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